Harper & Boyd’s big day

Wedding bells are ringing for one of Shorty's longest-lasting couples - but will their big day go according to plan?
Harper and Boyd Shortland Street

They’re one of Shortland Street’s longest-lasting couples and it looks as if they’re about to get their happy ending. But with tonight’s Christmas cliffhanger sure to bring some drama, will Harper and Boyd’s wedding go off without a hitch?

We sat down with actress Ria Vandervis and her on-screen beau Sam Bunkall to talk marriage, mothers-in-law and merry mayhem.

Harper and Boyd have been together for so long now! What’s the secret to their success?

Ria: I think it’s a bit of the “opposites attract” thing. They’re constantly able to teach each other things and improve each other. It’s been great and working with Sam so closely is awesome – we’ve had a ball.

Sam: Harper’s a bit of a wild child and Boyd is more logical. They’re a good mix.

How are they both feeling as the big day approaches?

Ria: Harper is a little apprehensive, to be honest. She loves Boyd, but she feels like she’s choosing the easy, comfortable route with him. Ever since Drew has come into Ferndale, there’s been chemistry between the two of them. She’s tried to bash it away, but it keeps poking its ugly head up, so she’s feeling a bit conflicted.

Sam: Boyd is feeling pretty excited and confident.

With tonight’s Christmas cliffhanger episode, could there be drama ahead for Harper and Boyd? Photo: Supplied

We hear Boyd’s mother is back in town. How will that play out?

Ria: Susan and Harper have their differences, definitely. Harper’s from the wrong side of the tracks and there is a bit of friction there.

Sam: It’s been so great having Miranda Harcourt, who plays my mum, back on set. She was one of my tutors at drama school and I love working with her.

Sol3 Mio appear in the episode. How was it working with them?

Ria: They are such lovely guys and it was a real coup to get them! They came out for one day, and we had lunch and took some photos with them ‘cause we’re such big fans!

Sam: I didn’t get to see too much of their singing, but everyone who did was just stunned! I had a bit of a chat with them and they are just lovely, down-to-earth guys.

Shortland Street airs tonight at 7pm on TV2.

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