Survivor NZ’s Dee Cambiaso: ‘I had an idea I was going home’

The first contestant to be eliminated from Survivor New Zealand tells us about her experience on the show and why she knew she was being voted out.
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Survivor superfan Dee Cambiaso was the unlucky first contestant to be sent home from Nicaragua in a heartbreaking elimination during Sunday’s premiere episode.

The 23-year-old customer service representative from Auckland was voted out by her Hermosa tribe mates – only to be sent to Redemption Island, where she faced off in a duel against fellow axed Survivor Hannah Gough.

In the end, however, it was Dee who went home after being defeated in the challenge.

Speaking to us today, Dee says she “had an idea” she was going home even before the Tribal Council began, but there was not a lot she could do.

“You can’t scramble on day one – it’s not actually going to make you seem like someone who they want to have around, at that point, with an hour left before Tribal Council, [if] I was running around being all freaked out.”

Even the potential of being given a second chance through Redemption Island wasn’t enough to revive Dee’s hopes.

“There’s no point coming back from Redemption Island if you’re the first person voted off. The moment my torch was snuffed, I didn’t really care.”

While she spent only a few days with her Hermosa tribe mates, Dee says she’s betting on Lee or Avi to win.

“I think they’re incredible people … and in the small time that I had with them, they showed the characteristics of a really good Survivor player as well as a really good winner.”

Watch Dee’s full interview in the video above

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