Dancing With The Stars: Let’s take a moment to appreciate the brilliance of William Waiirua

He may joke around a lot - but William Waiirua is dancing for a purpose.
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He’s humble. He’s genuine. He’s funny. An boy, can that man dance!

He brings it to the dance floor every single week, but last night on Dancing With The Stars we saw just how much William Waiirua’s passion for his cause shone through.

Finding himself in the bottom two with Mike McRoberts and facing elimination last week was “a big shock.”

It had been a difficult few days as a result, and the social media star and self confessed “full time morale booster” admitted he’d been “struggling really hard.”

As a result, he stepped out onto the dance floor with a fire this week that we haven’t seen before.

William’s charity is the Attitude Trust, who represent people a disabilities. This week’s dance – the rumba – was choreographed especially for them.

“Our dance this week is about the struggles people with a disability have in our society,” William explained. “Everything’s for charity and that’s my main focus.”

His dance partner Amelia McGregor was in tears as she spoke about her admiration for him. “Willie is the most genuine person I’ve ever met,” she said.

“It’s beautiful to see kind, loving people today. It’s something that we miss.”

The rumba they produced was a powerful statement. While many of the rumba’s we’ve seen on the show have been romantic and soft, William and Amelia’s was aggressive and dominant.

It was interlaced with tender moments. But the overall message of the struggle people with disabilities face was conveyed with grace and determination.

After they’d finished the dance William explained more about the meaning behind the performance.

“It was a special week this week this week with the Attitude (Trust)… They do amazing stuff out there and it’s a fantastic opportunity to show and display some of the stuff they go through.

“It’s awesome that I can give them the platform. They’re doing awesome stuff out there and that’s their struggle through life.”

The feedback he got from the judges was unanimously positive. Camilla Sacre-Dallerup was so enthralled that she didn’t write down any notes for scoring.

“You drew all of us into this really intense performance you just delivered… I’m lost for words. That was a complete showstopper,” she said.

Rachael White hit the nail on the head. “I’m so into what you’re all about,” she told him. “You dance for a greater purpose.”

William’s biggest supporters – his mum and girlfriend – watched on proudly.

William’s parents and girlfriend were in the crowd and watched on with pride. His mum looked teary after he’d received the judges’ feedback and it’s clear that he’s got an amazing support network behind him.

He received an eight and two nines for the dance. Here’s hoping he doesn’t end up in the bottom two again. But if he does, we’re pretty sure he’ll be able to dance his way out of trouble.

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