Dancing With The Stars: It’s only going to get harder from here on in, says Carol-Ann Hanna

With only seven couples left, the competition is really heating up.
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And then there were 7! With Walter’s elimination last night, now it’s going to get really interesting. All of the couples left have the goods to make the final. They’re all capable dancers and all have good supporters and fans to get to this stage of the competition.

There are only a few eliminations before the final so its going to be really close from here. The votes really count now but so does the dancing, and the judges are going to have to look hard and make some calls that will break their hearts.

It hasn’t been this close for a number of years so the stars and the professionals will really be under the pump from now . The 6-8 hours a day that they’re currently putting in could very well turn into 10 as they work to beat their competition over the next few weeks.

I’ve always thought right from when he was announced that Manu Vatuvei should win this competition. He has all of those qualities I spoke about last week that professional rugby and league players have; he is light on his feet, has rhythm running through his veins and the joy of dance and expression comes from his soul these are the perfect ingredients to shape a winner.

Manu definitely has what it takes to go all the way.

I was so pleased for William Waiirua on Sunday. What a great Rumba full of everything it needs.

He and Amelia took us through a relationship that had challenge, passion, emotion, feelings and power and this definitely put him back in contention after being in the bottom two last week.

It’s so nice to see the couples out sharing their journey with their charities and it was nice to see Amelia talk emotionally about how good it is to see kind loving people today, and shes right about that! It certainly motivated them to produce an outstanding dance for their charity.

William and Amelia’s rumba certainly brought the drama.

Walter Neilands had a great run in the competition. Hugely popular with cast, crew and viewers, sadly his dancing wasn’t up to the standard of the others so he was never going to make it much further, but what a big part of the competition he was and he will be missed. The competition will definitely get serious now that he’s gone.

Walter bowed out this week – but looked incredibly stylish doing it.

Nadia Lim looked amazing! And didn’t her and Aaron make a great Danny and Sandy! She definitely stepped outside of her comfort zone and did a great job of it, I liked this Nadia! Fabulous show routine. Not much Salsa but hey, really entertaining!

Nadia definitely brought sexy back.

I think Randell once again delivered the best performance of the week. The Paso Doble (two step in French or double step in Spanish) has both Spanish and French characteristics and is the dance of the Matador.

It’s a male-dominant dance that is comprised of strong shaping, bold stepping and heel striking but with an element of stillness. If you’ve ever been to a bullfight you will notice the determined focus on the face of the matador, for obvious reasons he never takes his eye off the bull. I thought his characterisation of the dance was excellent.

Clint definitely dominated the dance floor.

Dancing With The Stars airs on Three, Sundays at 7pm and Mondays at 7:30pm.

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