Lesina drops a bombshell: There are two Bachelorettes!

''This just got twice as good!''
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What has 39 roses, two drag queens, three strip teases, a self-styled alpha man eating a whole lemon, a table full of KFC, a huge revelation and TWO bachelorettes?

If you answered the first week of The Bachelorette NZ, homai te pakipaki – you deserve a round of applause.

Wednesday night’s action-packed episode was bookended by two rose ceremonies.

The first saw Brendon sent packing for not being committed enough to Lesina and the process, while the second started with a shock revelation from Art that, “Since the beginning of the show Lesina has been harbouring a secret from you all.”

“I’m pregnant!” announces Lesina.

Cue 19 men losing their minds.

Marc trying to work out if you can get someone pregnant from a strip tease

She’s just kidding.

Which might be lucky, because we’ve just seen pick-up-artist Glenn ‘jokingly’ lose his mind at the thought another man so much as kiss Lesina without his prior written permission.

As it turns out, Lesina’s actual revelation is just as seismic.

“I’ve got a really big surprise for the boys and I think it’s just going to shake up the house,” she earlier shared with host Art Green.

Once more the Bachelorette addresses the men, “I’m really excited to reveal my secret which will be a huge help to me moving forward…” she says before turning and revealing someone coming towards the group.

All we see is a pair of black ankle boots and a figure-hugging black skirt walk closer.

“Gentlemen, from now on you have two Bachelorettes to get to know!” Art exclaims.

Watch: The shock Bachelorette twist that has never been done before, article continues below.

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The men aren’t sure how to react.

The always confident Glenn beams “This just got twice as good!”, but the more cautious Marc asks “Is this real?”

We too have so many questions.

Who is the new bachelorette?

Is it Lily McManus, who was heavily rumoured to be the Bachelorette when the show was announced last year?

How will having two Bachelorettes even work?

The only time there has been a similar situation was on the premiere episode of The Bachelorette US in 2015 when Britt Nilsson and Kaitlyn Bristowe competed to stay on as the bachelorette for season 11.

On that episode the male contestants got to decide which of the two women carried on as the bachelorette, with much of the discussion focusing on their physical attributes or their suitability to life as a housewife.

The gimmick didn’t go down well with viewers or commentators who described it as, “two women being reduced to sexist cliches, forced to duke it out for the affection of terrible men.”

In the promotional run-up to this season Lesina was described as a woman ‘who knows what she wants’ and we highly doubt that experience is what she had in mind.

Reality TV being what it is we will have to tune in to the next episode to get any actual answers.

We just hope we don’t have to sit through another round of awkward introductions!

The Bachelorette New Zealand airs Monday – Wednesday at 7:30pm and Sunday 7pm on TVNZ 2

Video by Lana Byrne. For more great videos check out our Youtube channel.

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