There’s a “big meeting” happening at the palace & everyone thinks Prince Harry is about to announce his engagement

Strap yourselves in, we might have a royal engagement to celebrate this weekend!
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There’s nothing like an emergency meeting at Buckingham Palace to prompt some good old-fashioned mass hysteria.

The last time this happened, the Royal Family revealed Prince Philip was retiring from his duties

And now rumblings across the pond in London reveal royal staff have been summoned for a mysterious “big meeting” at Buckingham Palace this morning, with many royal watchers believing an engagement announcement from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is about to drop.

Just hours after the bookies shut the bets on when Meghan and Harry’s royal engagement could be confirmed, the Queen’s royal household are reportedly due to gather at Buckingham Palace for an important update, The Daily Star Online reports.

“They are set to release a statement from Kensington Palace later on, but if it is not released today it will be on Monday,” a source tells the website.

“I think the announcement will be about Harry and Meghan’s engagement, but we will have to wait and see.”

Something to tell us? Staff have been summoned for a “big meeting” at Buckingham Palace in London this morning.

It could be nothing. It could be everything.

Either way, we are so ready for this!

A spokesperson for the Royal Family said they “would not give a running commentary on Harry’s love life” and refused to comment on the reports.

While a rep for betting company William Hill revealed over suspending their bets: “We believe the happy couple are already engaged and possible have been for some time.”

Meanwhile, royal sources tell Now to Love wedding speculation has reached fever pitch in London with several reputable outlets, including the BBC, bracing for an “imminent” announcement – even as soon as today!

The London Evening Standard report the BBC are “primed for a royal announcement.”

The BBC are the royals’ first port of call for all official announcements, so all eyes will be firmly placed on the pubic broadcaster’s platforms throughout the weekend.

The news will first be announced by Clarence House and Kensington Palace via Twitter and most likely Instagram, so make sure those notifications are switched on!

It’s getting very serious! Meghan moved to London this week so she can be with her prince full-time.

Further fuelling the fire, this week Meghan Markle made the move to London from Toronto after closing the door on her hit TV show Suits.

It’s believed Meghan and Harry will live together in the Prince’s Kensington Palace cottage.

Although Suits are yet to officially confirm the 36-year-old’s departure, Meghan’s body double Nicky Bursic let the cat out of the bag when she posted a sweet post farewelling Prince Harry’s love.

“It’s been an absolute pleasure and honour being your ‘STAND-IN’ for the last two seasons @meghanmarkle. Though I’ve been on @suits_usa for six years, the latter two has been my most memorable. Wishing you all the happiness in the world Bella,” Nicky penned.

Now that’s a goodbye message if we’ve ever seen one!

The timing would certainly be right to share their wedding news as The Queen and Prince Philip have now celebrated their milestone 70th wedding anniversary and the Cambridge’s royal baby isn’t due until April.

Prince Harry was last pictured on Monday evening with Duchess Catherine and Prince William as they headed to Windsor Castle to celebrate The Queen’s and Prince Philip’s 70th wedding anniversary.

Woman’s Day were recently told that Harry’s gran Queen Elizabeth even invited Meghan to celebrate Christmas with the royal family at Sandringham.

And as any avid royal watcher knows, Christmas at Sandringham is inner circle ONLY.

“Of course she said 
yes – she’s thrilled to be included,” a close friend shared.

Now To Love will bring you more as we get it!

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