Why the Queen has made the ‘unusual effort’ to make Duchess Meghan feel welcomed into the royal family

A royal commentator has weighed in on the close bond that’s struck up between Queen Elizabeth and her grand daughter-in-law Meghan.
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According to a royal expert there’s a very specific reason why The Queen has taken a particular effort to build a close bond with the Duchess of Sussex, claiming it’s likely a deliberate move on the Queen’s part to prevent her from feeling alienated like Princess Diana.

Speaking to The Sun, royal commentator Duncan Larcombe says there have been several times when the Queen has “obviously requested” that Meghan join her on an engagement or be seen with her in public.

He claims the decisions were probably deliberate on the Queen’s part to “signal the fact that she was welcoming her into the royal family.”

“Possibly because Meghan very much burst onto the scene in a way Kate obviously didn’t,” Duncan claims.

“Everyone got to know Kate and the family long before they got engaged.

“Also possibly because of the lessons of the past where Princess Diana pretty much felt like an outside in the royal family.”

According to a royal expert the Queen doesn’t want Meghan to feel alienated like Princess Diana did. (Images: Getty)

Late Princess Diana’s private secretary from 1988 to 1996, Patrick Jepson, recently told Yahoo’s The Royal Box that Princess Diana had felt alienated from the royal family, particularly after her divorce.

“Both from her own childhood and from her experience of marriage, she felt that she was an outsider, that she had been excluded,” he shared however, explained she channelled this feeling of exclusion into helping other people who may have felt the same.

Princess Diana’s former private secretary says the late Princess felt alienated from the royal family. Particularly after her divorce from Prince Charles. (Image: Getty)

Duncan goes on to add the close bond between the two marks a slightly ‘unusual effort’ made by the Queen, when compared to other members marrying into the royal family.

“The Queen last year in the first few months of Meghan’s entry into the royal family, made a particular and slightly unusual effort to welcome her in,” he tells the publication.

“Unusual in the context of the trip on the royal train to do a royal engagement. I’m 99 per cent sure she’s never afforded that offer to Kate.”

Indeed last year, just a little under a month since Meghan married into the royal family, the Duchess was invited to attend her first solo appearance with The Queen for a day out in Cheshire – something Duchess Catherine has only just been afforded this year, despite marrying Prince William in 2011.

The Queen and Duchess Meghan also happened to travel by royal train with The Sun reporting it’s thought not even Prince Harry has been afforded the privilege.

Meghan and The Queen greet waiting fans during their joint appearance at Cheshire last year. (Image: Getty)

Meghan’s appearances at the past two royal Christmas’ at Sandringham have also broken from royal tradition, with the Queen inviting her to attend in 2017, despite not being officially part of the royal family yet (her and Prince Harry announced their engagement just the month before) and the following year also invited Meghan’s mother Doria Ragland to attend the royal Christmas festivities.

Earlier this year it was also revealed that the Queen was “amazed” by Duchess Meghan’s “energy and stamina” in light of her work ethic during the later stages of her pregnancy with Archie.

According to royal reported Katie Nicholls of Vanity Fair a royal aide revealed: “The Queen is amazed by the Duchess’ energy and stamina given that she is so heavily pregnant.”

The source then goes on to explain for the Queen’s generation, pregnant women did things markedly differently, choosing to hide their bump and put their feet up at the later stages of their pregnancy.

“She respects hard work and loyal above everything,” the source revealed.

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