Meghan Markle and The Queen giggle their way through their first official outing together

The Queen appears very fond of the new Duchess as they enjoy their first royal event together in Cheshire.
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Wave your union jack flags high in the air, we have a new favourite royal twosome!

On Thursday, Meghan Markle, 36, and Her Majesty The Queen, attended their first joint engagement to open the Mersey Gateway Bridge in Cheshire, the Storyhouse Theater in Chester, and attend a lunch at the Chester Town Hall. And the pair could not have had a more joyous time if they tried.

The Queen and newly-minted royal Meghan, travelled to the event in the 92-year-old’s very own personal train, which is only ever used for top-tier senior royals.

Prince Charles, Prince Philip and the Duchess of Cornwall so far are the only members of the family to have been bestowed the honour of riding on the train – perhaps this says a lot about The Queen feelings of her newest family member.

They had a sleepover! Meghan and The Queen travelled overnight on Her Majesty’s luxury train.

Meghan’s nerves showed as she constantly reached for her hair during her first solo outing with The Queen.

The Queen, wearing green in honour of Grenfell Tower fire victims on the first anniversary of the tragedy, and Duchess Meghan in a chic Givenchy dress, looked very happy to be in each other’s company as they giggled and chatted together during the series of events.

Newlywed Meghan showed a hint of her nerves on her first solo outing with the monarch, as she repeatedly touched her hair and pressed her earlobe, both of which are thought to be methods of self soothing when you’re very anxious or nervous.

The Queen and Meghan appear very fond of each other.

The Queen appeared confident in Meghan’s royal ability during the outing. However, at one point during the day, Her Majesty stepped in to lend a helping hand to the nervous duchess.

In a moment of confusion, when entering a car, Meghan was unsure if she or The Queen should get in first. A flustered Meghan stepped back to let the monarch enter first.

“What is your preference?” Meghan politely asked the Queen, to which she replied: “You go first.”

“Oh okay,” Meghan responded, before quickly getting into the car.

Watch Meghan’s car seat confusion below!

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According to royal protocol, the most important person sits diagonally behind the driver, so Meghan was correct letting The Queen enter the car first. However, while Meghan has read the royal rule book, the royal household may have forgotten to inform her that The Queen prefers to sit directly behind the driver, she always has.

Thousands of royal fans waited to greet The Queen and The Duchess of Sussex at the venues they were visiting. The royal pair took some time to greet the people on the streets, giving fans the opportunity to hear Meghan’s new posh accent.

While Meghan was born and raised as a California girl, etiquette experts predicted she will eventually lose her Cali twang and adopt a British accent, and it seems they were correct!

Speaking with fans on the streets of Chester, Meghan was filmed speaking with a very refined, accent with definite British sound.

Hear Meghan’s new accent in the video below!

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Meghan and The Queen greet waiting fans.

Meghan debuted a new accent, a Cali-twang and posh British hybrid!

It seems Meghan and Prince Harry are still very much enjoying newly-wedded bliss. In footage filmed by members of the crowd and shared on Twitter, Meghan can be heard speaking to a woman who asked her how she was enjoying her new life with Harry.

“It is wonderful, I’m really enjoying it,” Meghan said.

The woman then told her to “give our love to Harry”, to which the Duchess replied: “I will do. That means an awful lot to us. He’s the best husband ever.”

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