Revealed: Prince Philip’s favourite story about the Queen – and it’s pretty hilarious

Say ‘happiness’ in a French accent and you’ll see where this is going…
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While the royal family may be steeped in tradition and often seen as poised and graceful, they’re also not opposed to cracking a joke and showing their sense of humour, and that of course includes Queen Elizabeth herself.

In a new revelation shared by Adam Helliker, author of an upcoming book on the royal family, there’s one awkward conversation in particular that not only shows the Queen’s cheeky sense of humour, but Prince Philip reportedly found it so hilarious, it’s become one of his favourite anecdotes.

According to a royal author, Prince Philip’s favourite anecdote about the Queen shows she’s very cheeky. (Image: Getty)

The conversation in question occurred between the Queen and General de Gaulle, the former French president, and his wife Madame de Gaulle, during their state visit to Buckingham Palace.

Speaking to The Sun, Adam Helliker explains: “A guest asked Madame de Gaulle what she was most looking forward to in her retirement, which was imminent.

“With great elaboration (as she didn’t speak much English) she replied: ‘A penis’.

“An awkward silence then ensued for some time, until the Queen herself came to the rescue, and she said with a broad grin: ‘Ah, happiness.'”

Of course, as the French would not usually pronounce the letter ‘h’, you can see how the comical moment occurred.

Who knew the word happiness could cause such a comical moment? (Image: Getty)

The Queen’s often seen sharing a laugh and a cheeky remark at engagements and former BBC royal correspondent Jennie Bond has previously said, “she has always had a good sense of humour.”

And with a husband like the Duke of Edinburgh who is well known for his witty (and sometimes not so witty) jokes, it’s no surprise, in fact their more than 70-year-strong relationship has often been credited to their shared sense of humour.

However, that doesn’t mean Prince Philip hasn’t taken jokes a little too far. According to a royal insider Prince Philip once hid the Queen’s corgis as a joke to impress a dinner guest, The Express reports.

“Philip hid a corgi in a desk cupboard and when the Queen asked him where it was, he said he didn’t know,” the insider told the publication.

“But then the dog whined after hearing the Queen’s voice, so Philip let it out and it ran to her.

According to the insider the Queen was far from impressed and told him to “stop showing off to the guests.”

Unperturbed by the monarch’s annoyance however Philip reportedly turned to the guest and said “who does she think she is?”

Their incredible, strong relationship has often been credited to their shared sense of humour. (Image: Getty)

The Queen and Prince Philip are currently holidaying at their Balmoral Estate in Scotland, a yearly tradition come summer time.

Members of their family often visit the royal couple throughout the summer months with Prince Andrew and his daughters Princess Beatrice, 31, and Princess Eugenie, 29, both spotted at the Estate this week.

Along with Prince Edward and his family and Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla.

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