Why everyone’s talking about the Queen and a very mischievous pony

The Queen had a reunion with a cheeky Shetland pony as she begins her summer holidays in Scotland.

As is tradition at this time of year, the Queen is on holidaying at her Scottish residence of Balmoral, and to mark her arrival it's customary for the Queen to inspect the Balaklava Company, which is part of the Royal Regiment of Scotland.
Looking happy and relaxed in a powder blue ensemble the Queen undertook her duties, but it was her interaction with a very particular Shetland pony that has everyone talking.
The Shetland pony in question is Cruachan IV who is the mascot of the Regiment, a tradition that goes back to 1928, and who notoriously munched on the Queen's bouquet during a visit to Stirling Castle in 2017.
While the Queen is well-known for having a love of horses she wasn't too impressed at the time, and according to The Express ordered the pony to "go away", before pulling the flowers away and telling the animal's minder: "They always try to eat the flowers."
The Queen has met cheeky Cruachan IV several times. (Image: Getty)
This isn't the first time the Cruachan IV has gotten up to mischief.
In 2014 the cheeky mascot reportedly approached the Queen and tried to bite her and last year during the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's visit to Scotland the pony tried to take a swipe at Harry's hand – he managed to pull it away just in time!
During this year's visit however the Queen was all smiles and even went in to give the Shetland pony a pet.
WATCH: Prince Harry almost bitten by an adorable Shetland pony in Scotland. Story continues below...
The Queen and Prince Philip often spend their summers at Balmoral and according to the Queen's granddaughter Princess Eugenie, it's where the monarch is "the most happy."
Speaking in the documentary Our Queen at Ninety, Eugenie said: "Walks, picnics, dogs – a lot of dogs, there's always dogs – and people coming in and out all the time.
"It's a lovely base for Granny and Grandpa, for us to come and see them up there; where you just have room to breathe and run."
Adding: "It's the most beautiful place on earth. I think Granny is the most happy there. I think she really, really loves the Highlands."
The Queen and Philip spent many summers with their family at Balmoral Castle. Here they're pictured with Prince Andrew (L) and Prince Edward (R) and all their dogs. (Image: Getty)
According to Hello!, members of the royal family often visit during the summer, with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, the Countess of Wessex and Prince Edward, and Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie all going to visit last year.
A royal source also recently told The Mirror that the Queen and Philip invited the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to their Balmoral Estate this summer, saying they were incredibly fond of the royal couple.
"The Queen and Prince Philip adore the couple and, of course, their new great-grandson Archie, and they have invited them to Balmoral for a few days," the insider told the publication.
"It's no secret Balmoral is Her Majesty's favourite home and that's why this invite is so special and heartfelt," the source adds, saying the invite is a huge honour.