Prince Harry turns 34! Take a look back at his incredible journey from party prince to perfect husband

Happy birthday to Prince Harry!

We’re not sure if it’s his cheeky manner or the heart-warming way he looks at wife Meghan Markle, but for whatever reason, the team at Now To Love are pretty smitten with the sixth in line to the throne.

We’ve seen the Duke of Sussex go from adorably awkward teenager to military man to party prince and perfect husband – with many incredible moments in between!

There’s no better time to celebrate someone’s journey than on their birthday, so in honour of Prince Harry’s 34th year, we’ve put together a gallery of his best moments.

Scroll through to see some of Prince Harry’s most memorable moments…

Prince Harry was born on September 15, 1984 at St Mary’s Hospital in London.

Harry was such a cute toddler!

Prince William seems amused – looks like he’s laughing at Harry’s inability to play the piano!

Princess Diana, Prince William and Prince Harry playing together is absolutely adorable!

Diana loved her two boys more than anything.

Doesn’t Harry look adorable in his oversize coat?

We’re not sure which image is cutest: Prince William and Prince Harry off to school, the boys at toddler age in their little coats or Prince Harry pulling William’s pony along!

What fun!

We wonder if Harry is taunting William, as younger siblings tend to do!

Nice green suit, Harry!

Apparently when Harry was 32 he admitted during school he always wanted to be a “bad boy.”

Prince Harry in his Eton College dorm room. Harry’s school boy crush was revealed in this photo – and she noticed!

Harry has always enjoyed his sports!

What a cheeky but handsome young man!

The royal pair at the polo.

Prince Harry underwent officer training at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. During his time in the army he served in Afghanistan.

He always had time for fun!

Apparently Harry is a huge footy fan and is the honoree President of the Rugby World Cup.

Prince Harry left the army in 2015.

“Older brothers are supposedly the cool ones. I’m a younger brother but I’m much cooler than my older brother.” – Prince Harry.

Apparently Harry worked in Africa for three months as a wildlife crusader.

Harry gets on famously with sister-in-law Catherine.

The pair are often seen having a giggle.

Duchess Catherine fit in with the royal pair perfectly.

William is taking his acting very seriously…

We love how great Harry is with kids!

“As I’ve continued to work with wounded servicemen and women, I regularly see the power of the soldiers’ stories to inspire others. For every competitor last September, there are hundreds of others around the world who would benefit from having the same opportunity,” he says.

What a sweet man!

On one of his many trips to Africa.

Prince Harry met One Direction and asked the other Harry (Harry Styles), when the last time he had a haircut was. Cheeky!

And then along came Meghan Markle. The two hit it off instantly and were engaged roughly 18 months after they began dating.

Harry and Meghan were absolutely glowing as they announced their engagement!

Meghan moved to London to be with Harry – and brought her fashion A-game with her.

The brothers love to tease each other! “William has definitely got more brains than me, I think we’ve established that from school. But I’m much better hands on,” Harry said in 2009.

Prince William would’ve been able to tell how happy Harry was with Meghan.

And he acted as best man for Harry at the royal wedding!

The pair looked incredibly in love on their wedding day.

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry

And since the royal wedding they’ve been inseparable!

Meghan joined Harry at Trooping the Colour 2018.

Harry seems so happy to have Meghan by his side!

We must admit, they make a handsome couple!

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Prince Harry isn’t afraid to show off his stunning wife.

The pair often show affection in public – much to the dismay of the Queen.

Meghan and Harry

Happy birthday to Prince Harry! We’re hoping he’s enjoying the day with Meghan and their new pup Oz.

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