All the best pictures from Duchess Meghan’s deleted Instagram

Meghan Markle's now-deleted Instagram is full of insights into the royal's former glitzy life!
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You might know Meghan, Duchess of Sussex as the wife of Prince Harry, or perhaps you followed her acting career in her pre-royal life. You may have even been a fan of her now-defunct website The Tig, but chances are, you don’t know too much about who Meghan Markle really is.

Not the The Duchess we see wearing Givenchy dresses and attending royal functions, but the Meghan Prince Harry fell in love with – the wine loving, holiday-taking Megs from California.

They say Instagram gives us a glimpse (albeit, a very carefully crafted glimpse) into others’ lives, well, see what you make of pre-royal Meghan’s best deleted Instagram pics.

From what we can tell, the former Suits actress had a lot of fun travelling with her friends, enjoyed cooking, yoga and spending time with her two dogs and loved getting dressed up.

We must say, Meghan’s life in Toronto looked positively idyllic!

Note: Since this article was published, it turned out that Meghan had a secret Instagram all along.

Take a look through our gallery below…

Meghan with one of her favourite treats: red wine.

Meghan with her bestie Jessica Mulroney.

Meghan absolutely loves a good yoga class.

Meghan is just like the rest of us – forcing her dog to take a photo with her!

Meghan all the way back in 2012 – doesn’t she look different!

Meghan traveled a lot and write about it on The Tig, her now defunct lifestyle website.

Meghan’s just like the rest of us when it comes to taking goofy party pics when we’ve had one too many…

Check out Meghan’s fabulous jewellery!

Meghan is always active and often mentioned how much she loved walking her dogs.

Meghan wasn’t above posting inspirational ‘grams – check out her calligraphy skills!

With her adorable dog Bogart.

Who knew Meghan was such a daredevil?

We wonder if these flowers were from Prince Harry himself!

Meghan would often share happy snaps of her with her Suits co-stars.

When Meghan reached 100,000 Instagram followers. We’re pretty sure that number would be a lot larger if her Instagram was active today…

Some of Meghan’s favourite beauty products were on display – this girl has got taste!

Shiny and sparkly for a photoshoot.

As we’ve reported before, Meghan is a very health eater – her diet is filled with green juices.

What a spread!

Meghan’s never been camera-shy!

Remember when we got a sneaky look inside Meghan’s house?

We’re heading out to buy red pants immediately.

Meghan loves a cheeky glass of wine.

This moment from Meghan’s trip to Ibiza looks perfect!

Of course Meghan would upload this snap – she looks stunning!

Meghan with her Suits co-star Patrick J Adams. Obviously their friendship was strong, Patrick and the rest of the Suits gang made an appearance at Meghan’s wedding.

As we’ve previously reported, Meghan had to leave her dog Bogart back in Toronto. But she loved to play with him – he featured heavily on her Instagram.

Meghan adored her rescue pup Bogart.

This is the life!

Oh, Meghan! We’re not sure how The Queen would feel if she saw this!

Safe to say Meghan thoroughly enjoyed her trip to Iceland!

Meghan would show off her happy naps from holidays – and with that view, who could blame her?

Meghan LOVES to cook.

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