All the best pictures from Duchess Meghan's deleted Instagram

Meghan Markle's now-deleted Instagram is full of insights into the royal's former glitzy life!

By Bronte Chaperon
You might know Meghan, Duchess of Sussex as the wife of Prince Harry, or perhaps you followed her acting career in her pre-royal life. You may have even been a fan of her now-defunct website The Tig, but chances are, you don't know too much about who Meghan Markle really is.
Not the The Duchess we see wearing Givenchy dresses and attending royal functions, but the Meghan Prince Harry fell in love with - the wine loving, holiday-taking Megs from California.
They say Instagram gives us a glimpse (albeit, a very carefully crafted glimpse) into others' lives, well, see what you make of pre-royal Meghan's best deleted Instagram pics.
From what we can tell, the former Suits actress had a lot of fun travelling with her friends, enjoyed cooking, yoga and spending time with her two dogs and loved getting dressed up.
We must say, Meghan's life in Toronto looked positively idyllic!
Note: Since this article was published, it turned out that Meghan had a secret Instagram all along.
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