Married at First Sight

Timothy & Lucinda’s big MAFS breakthrough!

She’s finally melted his tough exterior, but is it too little, too late?

From the very start of this season of Married At First Sight, polar opposites Lucinda Light and Timothy Smith looked destined to fail. But in a big surprise this week, the grumpy groom’s walls come down. Is it enough to keep this odd couple together?

“It was a gorgeous breakthrough,” tells Lucinda, 43. “In that moment, I felt super-close to him. There was more vulnerability and we shared a kiss – it was beautiful.”

This week is “Feedback Week”, where the show’s oldest couple, Andrea Thompson, 51, and Richard Sauerman, 62, challenge Timothy, 51, to give up his man cave and move back into the marital bed, which proves a catalyst for bringing him and Lucinda closer.

“He was up for it,” the Byron Bay marriage celebrant reveals. “It was time for us and I was excited to have him back in our bed.”

Timothy and Lucinda’s dinner-party meddling results in tears for the groom.

As they continue to explore their playful and potentially romantic connection, they decide to deliver an anonymous message to Tori and Jack in a “Pink Panther-like sketch”. Lucinda explains, “We were struggling to feel the authenticity of their relationship. Things Jack brought to the table week after week felt disingenuous, so we put it in a letter.”

Of course, the relationship advice isn’t well received and the dinner party blows up pretty quickly.

“We ’fessed up about it,” Lucinda says. “Jack and Tori weren’t surprised it came from Timothy, but they were disappointed that I was involved.”

In response, Tori and Jack make a hurtful remark that triggers Timothy, reducing the Melbourne businessman to tears. He and Lucinda then share an intimate moment that could change the course of their relationship. But with Timothy’s emotions all over the place, is he using Lucinda to heal his wounds or is he really ready for a romantic relationship?

Married At First Sight Australia screens 7pm Sunday to Wednesday on Three.

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