Married at First Sight

Bust ups and a break up! 2024’s most explosive MAFS week yet

Which couple abandons the experiment after an explosive week?

In a shocking twist, one of the contestants on Married At First Sight Australia calls it quits this week, but with so many couples in turmoil, who will it be?

“I went off my rocker,” admits Timothy Smith, 51, of this week’s shows. “After being thrown under the bus, I didn’t hold back. It’s not going to be my finest hour. I’ve got a hotel booked for when the episodes air so I can just close the blinds and not go out for a week.”

Timothy and his hippie bride Lucinda Light, 43, are forced into separate apartments when they find each other’s company too much. “I was heated when we left the commitment ceremony,” Timothy explains. “I said, ‘I’m not staying here tonight.’ The experts ripped into me pretty hard after Lucinda and I had a great weekend, so I was really pissed off.”

Ellie (left) wants to make a go of her marriage to Ben.

Ben Walters and his Kiwi wife Ellie Dix also go their separate ways during “Family And Friends Week”, but after spending some time apart, he returns to their shared apartment to perform a song written just for her, making the Gold Coast-based nurse emotional.

However, after she agrees to move forward in the relationship, Newcastle tour guide Ben, 39, backflips and does something that devastates her, causing Ellie, 32, to kick him out of their room.

Meanwhile, Timothy and Lucinda’s marital woes ramp up at the dinner party when kickboxer Jayden Eynaud’s attempts to give Timothy relationship advice see him implode.

Tempers flare when Jayden (far left, with wife Eden Harper) gives unwanted advice to Timothy.

“He thinks he’s Dr Phil,” says Melbourne business owner Timothy. “I’d like to say to Jayden, ‘If I want to learn about getting kicked in the head, I’ll ask you… I certainly won’t come to you for relationship advice, sunshine!’”

And when Ellie shares with the group what Ben’s done that’s left her so hurt, they all let him have it.

With the two couples on such thin ice, it won’t take much for them to write “leave” at this week’s commitment ceremony. Who will give up and walk away for good?

Tori tells it was toxic!

A riled Tori snaps back at Cassandra (left).

This week, Tori Adams gets involved in the drama between Timothy and Jayden – and her fellow bride Cassandra Allen becomes collateral damage.

Tori, 27, reveals, “Timothy goes at Jayden, saying, ‘You are nothing! You have nothing!’ It was nasty. It was one of the most toxic dinner parties I’ve been to.”

The Melbourne business manager says she was “uncomfortable” with the way Timothy spoke to Gold Coast professional fighter Jayden, 26, so she stepped in to defend him, but when Cassandra, 29, does likewise for Timothy, the two brides end up in a vicious row.

“I yell at Cass for telling me what I’d said and I don’t like being told what I’d said,” recalls Tori. “It’s an ugly moment – she gets me to a point of anger where I just snap.”

The photos Jack tried to hide

The photos were uploaded to his talent agent’s website.

He calls himself the alpha male of the experiment, however, these newly leaked photos of controversial groom Jack Dunkley seem to highlight that it wasn’t always the case.

In the shots, which were said to have been taken when he was in his early twenties, the 34-year-old Gold Coast personal trainer – who famously said on MAFS that he finds it “unattractive” when he feels “emasculated” by a woman – can be seen striking a series of poses while sporting straightened hair, eyeliner and a goatee.

My, how you’ve changed!

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