Married at First Sight

MAFS' Tamara Joy has found romance in Bali with an Instagram model

And they look great together!

MAFS' Tamara Joy has been living it up in Bali and it seems she's gained more than just a great tan on her holiday.
The former MAFS bride, who was humiliated on the show when her husband Dan Webb hooked up with one of the other MAFS brides, Jess Power, has posted an image of herself with her new love interest on social media.
The image shows Tamara with a distinctively tattooed man, although his face is not shown and her caption is cryptic: ""The eyes chico they never lie"

However, it hasn't taken long for people to figure out who Tamara's mystery man is. The Daily Mail outed him as Instagram model Duccio Calamai, and then after several fans commented on the post asking Tam who he was, Duccio commented with two heart-eye emojis, to which Tam responded with a purple devil.

Duccio appears to live a free and relaxed life in Bali, bathing naked under waterfalls and coping with the intense heat by going shirtless whenever he can.

When we last caught up with Tamara it was late March/early April and she was on a whirlwind trip to New Zealand to conduct post-MAFS interviews with media.
Most of the interviews centred around how she felt about Dan cheating on her with Jess (including ours) and she was tired of talking about them, and looking forward to starting a new chapter in her life.
Tamara told us she was single and enjoying just having some fun. She told Woman's Day that she and new BFF Sam Levi from MAFS NZ were planning to move in together as flatmates either in Melbourne or Sydney.
But it seems she's having more fun with Duccio, now.