Married at First Sight

Jilted Married at First Sight bride Tamara plans to move in with a MAFS NZ groom

Tamara’s thrown out her wedding gown to make room for his belongings.

By Sebastian van der Zwan
As her hubby Dan Webb embarks on an affair with Jessika Power, Married at First Sight Australia's Tamara Joy is ridding herself of every memory of the ex-rugby player by putting her wedding dress in the bin outside her Melbourne home!
The clear-out comes ahead of the shock news that Tamara, 29, has become besties with MAFS NZ contestant Samuel Levi, with the pair connecting via a mutual pal and bonding over the fact they're both twins.
The Auckland influencer, 25, now plans to move to Aussie to flat with his new mate, either in Sydney or her native Melbourne.
While Tamara's MAFS experience ended in betrayal, Sam and his groom Tayler made a go of things on the outside before calling time on their relationship a few months down the track.
Tamara tells Woman's Day, "I don't like to lose, so we'll see! Our characters are very similar. We're both strong individuals, but believe me, we do still clash – a bit of fun and games, some would say!"
Samuel adds, "We have so much in common, but most of all, I'd pinpoint our take-no-s--t attitude and honesty. MAFS NZ aired in Australia recently, so I was excited Tam could watch my series before hers hit screens.
"Let's hope she can find me an Aussie husband since I seem to be the only one from my series who hasn't dated numerous people since the show!"

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