MAFS Tamara Joy on how she feels about Dan and Jess now that the dust has settled

Has their affair been forgiven and forgotten?
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We can’t say this season of Married At First Sight Australia brought a lot of love matches, with Cam and Jules the only couple who really seem head over heels and likely to last the distance.

But if there’s one bride who walked away particularly underwhelmed, it was Tamara. Known forevermore as the ‘jilted bride’, she suffered the humiliation of finding out that her husband Dan had been lured away, from right under her nose, by the predatorial Jess. And all of Tam’s media interviews since have centred around Dan and Jess, rather than her.

Yes, she’s sick of being asked about the affair- so we just asked a couple of little questions, which reveal she did see a couple of red flags from the start…

But we also found out how life is looking for Tamara now, and what her thoughts are on love. So it’s not all about Dan and Jess, see!

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