Married at First Sight

Can MAFS 2024 couple Jack and Tori come back from this explosive dinner party argument?

After one of the most brutal arguments we've ever seen in MAFS history, we're unsure the couple will now stand the test of time
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Perhaps it is premature to declare this was the most dramatic dinner party for the 2024 season of Married At First Sight Australia, but we are willing to make that jump.

“I need to tell you what’s happened,” Lauren says to Tori. “Jack told the boys something in the gym, he said ‘if we get to couple swap week and we haven’t slept together, you guys can sleep with her’.”

Prior to the dinner party, Lauren was informed by her husband, Jonathan of what Jack had to say during their gym session.

The confession had Tori utterly “rattled,” shutting down for a large portion of the night.

Noticing the shift in his wife’s behaviour, Jack searches for answers. But when he discovers the statement in question, he claims it was a “joke” before saying: “That was said, 100 per cent.”

“Look if Jack says it was a joke, I’m going to take it as a joke. I trust him,” Tori told the camera crew.

The arguing didn’t end there. Lauren and Jack enter a heated argument regarding his lack of attraction to his wife. Jack, however, claims to be attracted to Tori but doesn’t deny not being sexually attracted to her – which fires Lauren up: “Don’t play semantics with me!”

Feeling Jonathan “broke the bro code,” Jack says: “I’m a loyal guy, we all have banter. We talk about everyone’s relationship; I would never go home and say something to my wife that I don’t need to say.”

Lauren’s attempt to shield her husband was met with a comment from Jack that had everyone’s jaw dropping to the floor.

“I’m not talking to your Lauren! Shut your mouth. Can you muzzle your woman?” Jack says.

Shocked by his words, Timothy, Ridge and Tristan tell the camera crew it crossed the line.

“Jack’s quiet clearly trying to shift the blame onto Lauren for words that he said. It’s not Lauren’s fault,” Eden adds.

John calls out the “unacceptable behaviour” for being “disrespectful,” with fellow relationship expert Alessandra adding: ““He’s showing everyone how misogynistic he is.”

While the nights events didn’t seem to impact Tori and Jack’s bond, it did however shake Lauren’s relationship with husband Jonathan and her best friend.

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