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Victoria Beckham on her special bond with daughter Harper

The bond between a mother and daughter is like nothing else.

Victoria Beckham and Harper
Victoria Beckham has opened up about her special bong with her only daughter, revealing that the five-year-old tot loves to spend time getting girly with her mum.
Fashion designer Victoria, 42, who has three sons as well as youngest Harper, admitted on Britain’s This Morning that Harper is completely obsessed with beauty products – and loves to play with her mum’s makeup.
"Harper loves beauty. She loves it, I’m very close with all of the children but the great thing about Harper being a little girl, she loves to play with makeup and that’s really great mother and daughter time.
“She is very, very girly,” admitted Victoria. “She also loves to run around in the garden with her brothers and play football - but she is very, very feminine and she loves playing with makeup and my clothes as well.
“She has been able run in platforms for a few years right now, she can wear heels like most grown ups cannot.”

And Victoria also let viewers in on a few beauty secrets of her own, telling them she always thoroughly removes her makeup before bed, drinks plenty of water and swears by rubbing coconut oil over her body.
The former Spice Girl has just launched a beauty collection in collaboration with Estee Lauder, currently only available in store in London and Hong Kong, but is also available online. See the website for more details.