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Sonny Bill Williams breaks into song after knee surgery and his fans are loving it

He might be out of action for the next four weeks, but the star All Black is seeing the lighter side of it.
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Injured All Black Sonny Bill Williams has posted a hilarious post surgery video to social media and his fans can’t get enough of it.

14 hours after it was posted, the video had generated almost 244,000 views and 693 comments.

The star All Black and Blues player had keyhole surgery at Auckland Hospital last week after a loose fragment of bone was discovered on his knee. The operation will rule him out of the upcoming All Blacks tests against France.

Seeing the lighter side of the situation, Williams posted a series of photos taking the mickey out of himself in a hospital gown, and then followed it up with a video of him serenading the nurses after he woke up from surgery.

“What song do you want me to sing?” he asks the staff, still groggy from anaesthetic. “I’m like a jukebox, baby.”

After rejecting requests for One Direction and Taylor Swift, he breaks into a heartfelt rendition of I Swear by 90’s boyband All-4-One, which you can watch in the player above.

“Because you know, who doesn’t break out into song after waking up from surgery??” he wrote alongside the video. “I just want 2 reiterate that the medication they give you for surgery is very strong okay – but I also feel like maybe the staff took advantage of me (I’m joking). Thanks 2 the nurses and team for putting up with me hahaha! Blessings fam.”

Sonny Bill posted a series of mickey taking images of himself in hospital.

“OK, I’ve come to,” he says after the song is over. “I’m embarrassed. Did you enjoy those vocals?” he asks the nurse, who assures him he did. “Nah you didn’t,” SBW responds. “My wife does though, that’s the main thing.”

Fellow All Blacks and sporting stars joined in on the praise and joking condemnation.

“DEAD!!!” wrote teammate Jerome Kaino.

“Please help the brother” fellow All Black Lima Sopoaga wrote.

Sonny Bill’s sister and fellow New Zealand Sevens player Niall Williams joked “OK you win. Don’t do drugs people.”

His wife Alana revealed “I can’t even deal! He wouldn’t stop!”

“Too much gas” Warriors captain Roger Tuivasa-Sheck joked.

Sonny Bill recovers in hospital with his daughters Imaan, 3, and Aisha, 1.

Earlier in the week Sonny Bill posted to Instagram to explain that he would be out of action for the All Blacks opening matches of the season.

“Just got home from the hospital. Obviously by now news is out that I won’t be available for the June series coming up. If I’m going to be completely honest, in the past these small set backs would have a huge effect on me both mentally and emotionally. You start to obsess over things you can’t control and you hide how you really feel to avoid looking vulnerable.

“What I’m learning though is that ‘vulnerability’ is actually where the true power is. Admitting that I cant always control the outcomes but I can control my thoughts and feelings toward them. So I choose to be grateful. I want to also add that I appreciate the love and support from everyone.

“I’m going to miss running out there with the Blues/All Blacks however I’m genuinely excited to watch my fellow midfield brothers in that black jersey showcase their amazing skills! I look forward at the opportunity to help the team where I can but for now – better help my wife with these nappies. Blessings and love always – SBW.”

Sonny Bill Williams with daughter Aisha during All Blacks training last year.

The 32-year-old has thrown off his bad boy reputation after converting to Islam in 2008. He has credited the religion with helping him find more meaning in life.

“I still feel like the same person but converting has given me contentment and happiness that I don’t know how to explain,” he told the Daily Mail in 2016.

He married Sydneysider Alana Raffie in 2013. They are parents to two daughters, Imaan who was born in November 2014 and Aisha who arrived in December 2016.

“I just want to be a good father. I want as many kids as we can have,” he told the Daily Telegraph in 2016.

He spoke of the respect that he has for his wife and other mothers. “When people have the audacity to say being a stay at home mum isn’t a job, they need to have a look at themselves.

“When I’m home, even for half the day, I’m buggered. It’s a 24/7 job.”

All mums out there will agree with you, Sonny Bill!

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