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Shortland Street’s Luke Patrick bares it all in upcoming episode

The Australian actor skinny dips his way into the heart of his leading lady.
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There’s been plenty of action recently in Shortland Street, and this week’s episode line-up looks set to keep things smouldering.

Recent addition to the Shorty St cast, Australian actor Luke Patrick, who plays Frank Connelly, will bare it all in an episode that sees him get together with the show’s lady Lucy Lovegrove who plays nurse Kylie Brown (Kerry-Lee Dewing), NZME reports.

There’s plenty of on-screen tension between the two as their relationship gets off to what can only be called a very passionate start.

The actor is setting hearts aflame everywhere.

Without giving too much away, there’s a saucy car scene, which is followed by Frank taking a skinny dip the next day.

The show’s not obviously going too far, but even so, the Australian actor said he’d found it a little challenging being filmed without clothes.

“The concept of getting naked on TV might be scary to some, but the filming is actually quite technical and the crew on the day were really nice and made me feel comfortable – so I didn’t really think about the fact that I didn’t have any clothes on… apart from a modesty sock of course!” Patrick said.

Luke Patrick with leading lady Lucy Lovegrove and Lukas Whiting.

While cast and crew were very professional, a few unexpected visitors to Devonport’s Narrowneck beach that day got to see a bit more than they bargained for.

“It was a good day on set, despite the interruptions. I can laugh now, but at one point we had a bus full of tourists stop by, they got more of a view than they bargained for, that’s for sure. But it was all good fun.”

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