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Sally Martin’s touching tribute to her friend and co-star Pua Magasiva

The Shortland Street actress is struggling to come to terms with her friend's death.
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Shortland Street actress Sally Martin has written a heartfelt tribute to her friend and co-star Pua Magasiva.

Pua, who died last Saturday May 12th, will be farewelled at a private funeral in Wellington today. His death is not being treated as suspicious.

Sally and Pua have known each other for years. They met on the set of Power Rangers in 2003 before starring as husband and wife Vinnie Kruse and Nicole Miller on Shortland Street.

For Pua and Sally, being close friends in real life made it easy to play the characters of Vinnie and Nicole. “Pua is your dream castmate,” Sally said in a 2014 interview with the Australian Women’s Weekly. “Obviously that friendship helps, but he’s also really, really good at what he does.”

Ahead of Pua’s funeral today, Sally penned a poem which she posted to social media.

“Have had too many of my moments this week at work where my heart has stumbled and I’ve lost my breath,” she wrote.

She talked about the moments Pua was there for her in her life. When he’d “play a prank, make a joke.” When he’d “distract all the eyes and all the lenses just to give me a change to stand behind a door. To gather myself in private in order to carry on.”

“I would’ve done that for you,” she promised.

Sally referenced the “demons” Pua had faced throughout his life, but praised his “guts,” saying that she and others would have held him “through a million rough moments.”

Pua’s brother, actor Robbie Magasiva, commented on her post, saying “Beautiful words @sallyemartin thank you darling. We will celebrate now and give him a great send off.”

He posted his own social media tribute to his brother today. “My heart is broken I miss you so much Pua we all do,” he wrote. “Rest now. I love you Pua.”

Being close friends in real life made it easy to play husband and wife on Shortland Street.

Pua leaves behind his wife of one year, Lizz Sadler, his 8-year-old daughter, Jasmine and his stepdaughter Laylah. He was 38.

Sally’s full poem is below.

Have had too many of my moments

This week at work

Where my heart has stumbled

And I’ve lost my breath

You know, those moments

My moments you know well

When with a single glance

You could somehow see

My spirit falter


Those moments that you saw me through

When you’d play a prank

Make a joke

When you’d distract all the eyes

And all the lenses

Just to give me a chance

To stand behind a door

To gather myself in private

In order to carry on


I would’ve done that for you


People would’ve lined up to do that for you


Lined up to hold you through a million rough moments ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

I wonder if you can see them all now

Lining up to hold your family

Hold your girls

Your precious girls

Surrounding them

Loving them


I hope you can see them now

All these people

Who love you so hard


I hate your demons

But I love your guts

And man, I’mma miss you

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