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Robbie Williams reveals the truth behind his relationships with the Spice Girls

Robbie Williams has apologised for an infamous joke he made about his relationships with the Spice Girls
Robbie Williams

Following his controversial jokes earlier this year about several members of the Spice Girls, Robbie Williams has broken his silence.

‘I would like to apologise to all the Spice Girls involved and their husbands and boyfriends. I know a few husbands and boyfriends weren’t too happy with the joke,’ Robbie told Stellar magazine.

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‘When I’ve said something that hurts somebody, I feel really bad about it. It’s unfair on the girls, we’re all older now, we’ve all got children; the joke’s not funny anymore.’

After making claims during a concert that he had slept with “four out of five” members of the girl band, the father of two has admitted he regrets what he said.

‘I told a joke a long time ago. And it sort of got out of hand. You know ‘Back for good’ the Take That song, I used to sing that on stage,’ Robbie said.

‘I still do. On one particular tour before it I introduced it by saying ‘ I am very fortunate to have been in Take That and 4 out 5 of the Spice Girls.’ That was my intro to the song and it was a joke and the joke went too far.’

Robbie’s wife Ayda Field recently added fuel to the fire when she confirmed that her husband had in fact slept with three of the Spice Girls.

Back in July, TV host Kaye Adams began by asking: ‘Ayda, did Robbie ‘know’ the Spice Girls?’

Ayda replied, ‘Yes he did,’ before admitting he ‘knew’ Geri Halliwell, Emma Bunton and Melanie C.

Later on in the episode, she was asked if Robbie also ‘knew’ Victoria Beckham, and she replied: ‘Let’s stop!’

The happily married 42-year-old told Stellar magazine he enjoyed a number of casual flings at the height of his fame, admitting: ‘I had a good time with my dalliances.’

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