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Pop star reveals her decision to have tubes tied

She no longer wanted to risk any more kids after the "worst pregnancies ever."
Kelly Clarkson tubes tied

Kelly Clarkson tubes tied

Pop star Kelly Clarkson has opened up about her decision to have her tubes tied, to make sure she won’t have any surprises in the future.

The 34-year-old singer, who has two children with her husband Brandon Blackstock, told Extra she’s happy with the thought she’ll never go through pregnancy again.

“I have my beautiful children and I’m done,” says Kelly, who has been vocal about her tricky two pregnancies.

“Nausea is for weak people. It was, like, hospitalisation. It’s, like, bad. I had the worst pregnancies ever. I would end up in the hospital, dehydrated. People had to come to our house and I’d be on fluids.”

And despite not having the best of times while expecting, Kelly also referenced her career as another reason for undergoing the permanent procedure, stating that her and husband Brandon are still working on their career/parenting balance.

“It’s pretty hard, being a working mum – I’m not going to lie – but it’s worth it for not only my little girls, but our boys to see women working and still being able to do that and accomplish being a great mum, which I feel like I’m doing. I think it’s worth it definitely.”

Kelly let slip that her husband underwent a vasectomy too, to make doubly sure the pair of them cannot reproduce in future.

As well as having two children together, Remington and River Rose, Clarkson is also step-mum to Brandon’s children from a previous marriage, Savannah and Seth.

The couple married at Blackberry Farms in Tennessee back in 2013, before welcoming their first child together in June 2014. Remington was born earlier this year.

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