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Clifftop mansion, oysters and a chopper: Nigella Lawson brings the glamour on a Waiheke Island visit

It was a well-deserved break for Nigella during a busy speaking tour. But what would a luxurious escape be without your glam squad along for the ride?
Nigella Lawson New Zealand Waiheke

Nigella Lawson may have a sunny personality, but that’s about as close as the kitchen queen likes to get to those bright rays!

The domestic goddess – who says she’s “sun-phobic” and claims to have a mild allergy to sunshine – was all covered up in a long-sleeved, full-length dress and fingerless gloves as she joined her assistant and make-up artist for a trip to Waiheke Island by helicopter.

Making a stand under her umbrella on Waiheke in March 2018. “Even the feel of the sun makes me quite unwell, so it’s about listening to what my body tells me,” Nigella says.

The trio rented a clifftop mansion near Oneroa Beach, where they sipped sauvignon blanc overlooking the sea, but they also dropped by some of the island’s most popular eateries, feasting on oysters, fish and chips at The Oyster Inn, and enjoying homemade bread, goat’s cheese, lamb ribs and cockles at winery Casita Miro.

Our pictures bring to mind the last time Nigella visited Waiheke on a sweltering day last March. She resembled Mary Poppins as she sheltered under an umbrella while walking along the beach with her porcelain skin almost completely covered.

The celebrity cook’s latest visit to our shores was for her An Evening with Nigella Lawson shows in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, with her capital chat hosted by author Nicky Pellegrino.

Of her Kiwi trip, the star said, “I love the food and the people, so I am delighted to be touring the country, meeting audiences and sharing our culinary stories.”

Signing cookbooks in Wellington last week.

Scroll down to see the photos from Nigella’s luxurious Waiheke Island escape.

“I am so sun-phobic I need to wear a factor-50 sunblock even in winter,” tells the star. “In summer, I slap more sunblock on top.”

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