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Matt McLean accidentally drops C-bomb on air, blames Adele


Adele has probably been blamed for a few things in her time, but we’re not sure if she’s ever been blamed for making a person swear – and on live telly, no less.
Matty McLean, TVNZ's Breakfast weather presenter had a bit of trouble on air yesterday morning.
Mangling his words during a live weather cross, Matty attempted to say “country”, but didn’t manage to quite get the word out right.
Instead, he drops what sounds like the c-word, not once but twice.
The broadcasting pro copped to his mistake straight away, confessing he’d had a bit of a big night post Adele.
“Hello, it’s me, but it’s a different me because I’m a changed man after last night. Adele was incredible,” he said.
"I'm sure we'll talk about her throughout the morning," he continued, before dropping two explicit words while flubbing the word "country".
"Let's check out what's happening around your c---, the weather with your c--- ... the weather with your country? The country with your weather."
Adele's Auckland shows have so far been met with rave reviews. Photo: Getty Images
The weather presenter did seem a little embarrassed by the blunder, and quickly apologised to those watching the 6.00am bulletin.
“Sorry it was a long night. I was home late, and its Friday as well,” he said before continuing with the broadcast.
Matt rejoined the team after a stint of world travel. He replaced Sam Wallace in January who left the show to host The Hits’ Auckland morning radio show alongside Toni Street.

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