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New challengers step up to face Naz Khanjani in the ring

Bella Henry has her own fighting words for controversial Bachelor NZ contestant Naz Khanjani – could the two be facing off in the ring?
Nazanin Khanjani, Naz The Bachelor

Naz is getting ready to face off against an as-yet-unannounced opponent on July 21.

While Pebbles Hooper dismissed the idea of fighting Naz Khanjani yesterday as “ridiculous”, it seems there’s no shortage of Kiwi women ready to step up to the former bachelorette in the boxing ring.

Wellington woman Arna Scott is one of the latest to take up Naz’s challenge, releasing a video in which she said she was stepping up on behalf of “the nobodies of New Zealand”.

“Don’t just pick someone because of their status, pick someone who will give you a fight and a challenge. What have you got to lose – apart from coming second again?,” she said.

Christchurch rapper Jackel (real name Jessica Aitchison) has also released her own call out video, in which she taunts, “as someone who suffered at the hands of people like you for years, bullying and tormenting people, it’s about time you got knocked back a few pegs”.

Meanwhile, Bella Henry had some fighting words of her own for Naz, telling Newshub that she would love the opportunity to go toe-to-toe with the feisty brunette. And after Naz challenged her haters to give her a “nose job” alongside her boob job, Bella isn’t holding back.

“You want a nose job? Well I’m going to give you one,” she fired back.

Bella Henry has stepped up to Naz’s challenge. Photo: Newshub

“It appeals to me because she built a reputation for herself, she’s not someone that you’d worry about knocking around,” she told the media outlet.

“She’s feisty, she rarked up things a bit, she’s quite entertaining. That’s what I like about her. I think she would be a good person to fight.”

Meanwhile, Bella’s broadcaster father Paul Henry says she has his full support.

“I’m really proud of her, she’ll give anything a go,” he told Newshub.

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On Sunday, Woman’s Day exclusively announced Naz’s appearance as undercard to heavyweight superstar Joseph Parker at the Burger King Road to the Title event in Christchurch on July 21.

“To all those keyboard warriors sitting at home writing mean things anonymously – why not stop being cowards and get in the ring? Anyone who wants to fight me – bright it on!,” says Naz.

Promoters Duco Events are now undertaking a nationwide search to find Naz’s opponent for the big match – but it looks like they won’t be short of potential contenders.

Season one bachelorette Kristie Leonard hinted that she could be keen to get in the ring with Naz, taking to Facebook to call out the Iranian-born landscaper.

Nazanin Khanjani

“Naz has already been “secretly training for several weeks” and doesn’t even have an opponent yet. It appears she wants to start with the upper hand,” she wrote.

“The fight is less than 6 weeks away. Do I have the time to train and teach? I certainly have the drive but is time on my side?”

Meanwhile, Kristie’s fellow season one competitor Chrystal Chenery posted a telling video on Instagram over the weekend which featured her showing off her punching skills.

“@ducoevents How’s my elbow,” she captioned the clip, tagging in the event promoters.

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