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Could Pebbles Hooper face off against Naz Khanjani in the boxing ring?

The gossip writer and artist is top of the hit list for the former Bachelorette’s upcoming debut in the ring
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The Bachelor NZ’s most controversial contestant, Naz Khanjani, is donning her boxing gloves for a bout in the ring – and she’s called on gossip columnist and socialite Pebbles Hooper to step up as her opponent.

Woman’s Day announced yesterday that Naz would be competing in the Burger King Road to the Title boxing bout in Christchurch on July 21. Promoters Duco Events are now holding a nationwide search for the feisty bachelorette’s opponent.

Craig Stanaway from Duco Events says Pebbles “is the top of Naz’s hit list”, labelling her the “queen of the keyboard cowards”.

Nazanin Khanjani, Naz The Bachelor

Naz is getting ready to face off against an as-yet-unannounced opponent on July 21.

“Only a couple of days ago Pebbles said on Twitter that the one thing she wants more than attention is money, so we’re gonna offer her both,” he told the Herald.

He added that Pebbles’ “cyber-bully” behaviour was what drew their attention, challenging the brunette – whose parents are World designers Francis Hooper and Denise L’Estrange Corbet – to face up to Naz in person on July 21.

For her part, Pebbles insists she has always been on Team Naz and refuses to accept the label of cyber bully.

Pebbles says the idea of her fighting Naz in the ring is “ridiculous”. Photo: Instagram

“In all honesty nothing I said was particularly damning…I think she would’ve received some pretty nasty s–t, and mine won’t have even skimmed the surface. So if they want to get someone who’s a cyber bully, they’ll need to trawl a little bit further than me, and I’m sure they’ll get someone a lot cheaper than me, as well,” she told the Herald.

Speaking to Woman’s Day, Naz revealed she was ready to face her haters head on.

“To all those keyboard warriors sitting at home writing mean things anonymously – why not stop being cowards and get in the ring? Anyone who wants to fight me – bright it on!”

Watch a behind-the-scenes video from our photo shoot with Naz in the player below

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