Workout like a celebrity in West Hollywood

If you’re heading to LA, challenge yourself to a workout and you might spot an A-lister while you’re at it.
Workout like a celebrity in West Hollywood

When it comes to fitness, West Hollywood is the leader of the pack. From yoga with pumping beats to spin classes with an instructor shouting out motivational quotes, you’ll find the hottest workouts in the glitzy LA suburb before they hit the rest of the world.

Plus, given WeHo is a celeb haven, you could find yourself striking a Warrior One pose alongside anyone from David Beckham to Lady Gaga.

If you love: spin and HIIT workouts try SoulCycle

After trying a SoulCycle class, no workout will ever compare. Essentially a fusion of cycling and upper-body toning, the intense cardio workout is teamed with Top 40 hits while an instructor shouts out motivational sayings as they bust out their finest dance moves. If it’s good enough for the likes of David and Victoria Beckham, it’s good enough for us.

Soul Cycle

If you love: Pilates and yoga, try Aura Yoga

Forget boring yoga studios – in West Hollywood it’s all about the (dimly lit) lights. The gently heated studio is lit by pulsing lights that change colour, creating a calming mood-setter for certain chakras. The music is customized by the instructors (think loud, upbeat songs) making it a one-of-a-kind workout. Just be prepared to sweat: it’s a yoga class but with added sass.

Aura Yoga

If you love: dancing and barre classes try Best U Studio

Think of it as a mash-up of all the good things in life: dancing, Pilates and barre. The workout incorporates custom U-shaped weight bars to teach balance and coordination. Not only that, the dance moves will blast your core, whipping you into shape in no time.

Best U

Words: Natalie Babic

Watch: West Hollywood fitness regulars, David and Victoria Beckham, hit the dance floor at Eva Longoria’s wedding

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