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These are the brands you’ve probably been saying all wrong

Nope, it's not 'Nut-tell-lah'.

How embarrassing is it when somebody corrects you on the pronunciation of a brand name that you’ve been mispronouncing several times a day for years? Bloody embarrassing, right!

Well, the fact is there are quite a few brands that don’t just roll off the tongue.

But we’ve looked into this issue and have identified some of the most mispronounced brands and sought to educate you.

Test yourself and if you get less than 5 wrong you’re doing alright…

Nutella = new-tell-uh

Ikea = Ih-Key-Yah

Hyundai = Hun-Day

Tag Heuer = Tag Haw-Yer

Adidas = Ah-DEE-Das

Yves Saint Laurent = Eve San Loh-Ron

Nike = Ni-Key

Hermes = Air-Mez

Moschino = Moss-Key-No

Porsche = Por-Sha

Balmain Paris = Bal-MAH-n Paris

Bulgari = BUHL-guh-ree

Miele = Meal-Uh

La Roche Posay = La-Roush-Po-Say

Shiseido = Sheh-Say-Doe

Manolo Blahnik = Muh-NO-Low BLAH-Nick

Kiehl’s = Keels

Miu Miu = Mew-Mew

Louboutin = Loo-Boo-Tan

Kerastase = Care-Ah-Stahss

L’Occitane = Lox-Ee-Tan

Balenciaga = Bal-Len-See-Ah-Gah

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