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The X Factor NZ appeals to a broad range of ages.

Kelly Bertrand blogs about The X Factor NZ.

When I’ve been to the live tapings, I’ve seen everyone there from tiny children who have bring a cushion so they can see the stage, to grandmas who – walking stick and all – amble across the bleachers a lot faster than they probably should to look for the perfect seat.

But while there’s no denying the success of the show, some it’s younger fans can get a bit confused.

A friend of mine took her nine-year-old daughter to the Monday night elimination show, but was heartily disappointed when she saw the set.

“Mum!” she said urgently, tugging on her mum’s sleeve.

“It’s all wrong! The chairs don’t spin and there’s no dancers on the poles!”

And to top it all off, just when Miss Nine figured out what show she was watching, her favourite act Gap 5 was voted out, leaving her in floods of tears.

We’re a nation in the grips of an obsession.

It seems almost every household now has a favourite in the TV3 show, although in mine, we’ve now had to create a sweepstakes, as we’re all 100% our own personal picks will win.

A few in our office were a bit shocked that Gap5 were sent packing this week.

But if you forget the words at this stage of the competition, what do you expect?

Cassie looked absolutely terrified to be squaring off against the girl group, but held her own with a safe choice.

It does seem, as we get down to the nitty gritty of the competition, the pressure on the remaining contestants is at times stifling.

Benny, as well as Cassie, seem to be struggling – some have commented that Benny is broken.

There’s a lot at stake: A recording contract that will change their life and a new car, but I can’t help feel that the wheels are starting to come off for some of the acts.

And with the public deciding what the top five will sing on Sunday, they’ve got to be feeling the pressure even more this week.

Who do you think will win The X Factor NZ? Add your comments below.

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