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The X Factor Blog: week 8

Kelly Bertrand blogs about The X Factor NZ.

I had a brilliant idea on Sunday. The X Factor NZ Drinking Game. Or, for a child-friendly version, The X Factor Bingo.

Every time Stan says “youse”– drink.

Every time Dom pirouettes on the stage – drink.

Every time Daniel says anything remotely offensive – two drinks.

Every time Tom stares at you through the TV screen with those creepy come-hither eyes – drink.

When you spot Hobbit feet – drink.

Every time Mel says, “You smashed it”– drink.

Every time Ruby looks like she’s stuck her finger in the wall socket – drink.

And, of course, every time the word “proud” is used when a synonym is quite readily available – two drinks.

It’s the game that keeps on giving and although I was quite gutted I only thought of it halfway through Sunday night’s Top 40 episode, the flat and I are gearing up for a good time next week.

While I obviously love The X Factor, there’s no denying the predictability of some of its best-loved personalities.

But my unsurpassed genius aside (I should patent that really – the more I think about it, the more it’s a good idea), I did think that some of the stars of the show had a rubbish week, with Benny and Tom especially having a mare.

They’re the most alternative, eclectic contestants left on the show, so it shouldn’t really of come as a surprise they struggled with the Top 40 theme, but the reality is that the winner needs to completely own that genre­ – that’s where they will be releasing their music.

This week, Daniel was a fraction nicer and Mel a lot meaner. It’s really a power struggle between these two every single week and you do get the distinct impression there’s no love lost between the Brits.

However, my flatmate was puzzled by one of Mel’s critiques (puzzled is putting it mildly).

“Sometimes, perfection is boring,” Mel quipped to Whenua, then later commenting on her act Gap5, saying “imperfection was exciting”.

“What the hell does that even mean?” he burst out. “If imperfection is good, then I should enter the bloody show, and I’d win!”

He’s got a good argument. Well, he’s good on one song – I Won’t Give Up by Jason Mraz, which his girlfriend caught him belting out in the lounge one time when she came back with the shopping. He can also kind of play three songs on the harmonica, one of them being an off-key Happy Birthday – but he’s got a point nonetheless.

While I agree there’s a fine line between hitting all the notes but being boring as hell, and being a bit risky and maybe dropping a few melodies, Mel’s comments were a little on the weird side.

But with Anna now gone, Stan is left act-less –which will add an interesting dynamic to the judging panel.

He’s got no-one to back and no-one to mentor, so he becomes the first impartial judge on the panel, which could really shake up decisions.

Next week’s theme is movie soundtracks. I think I’ll add a rule to the drinking game: Any song by Celine Dion – five drinks.

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