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The MKR 2016 ending wasn’t quite what it seemed

My Kicthen Rules filmed two endings to prevent the winner being leaked to the public.
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If you were watching the My Kitchen Rules finale and were shocked at Tasia and Gracia’s underwhelming reaction to their win, you’re not alone.

It’s because the Melbourne sisters were “pretending” to celebrate, just as their rivals Carmine and Lauren would do that same day, news.com.au reports.

The not-so-secret TV practice involves TV networks recording separate endings for reality shows in which both teams are filmed “winning” the show in order to prevent the result leaking.

The Melbourne duo had no idea they had won, despite filming the finale in December of last year. The finale was screened in Australia in April.

When the sisters appeared on 2DayFM’s Rove and Sam show, they were asked about the two endings.

“Sorry guys, but unfortunately, we can’t talk about any production stuff,” they replied.

“Let’s just say we only found out yesterday too, but we can’t talk about production. We found out the same time you guys found out.”

Previous winners of the show, Dan and Steph Mulheron, have also confirmed in the past that two endings are filmed.

“Yes there was definitely two endings filmed,” they wrote in an opinion piece for the Fraser Coast Chronicle.

“We weren’t aware of this at the time and we actually thought we did win, until the executive producer comes in and says ‘we are now going to film the other team winning’.”

Tasia and Gracia Seger – nicknamed the Spice Sisters – beat Adelaide couple Carmine and Lauren by six points.

The sisters cooked a near-perfect five course meal, earning an incredible score of 57 out of 60 and the judges’ glowing praise.

“It was perfect!” said Pete Evans, before giving the girls 10 out of 10.

Colin Fassnidge was similarly enthusiastic, saying: “Guys you don’t need $250,000, you open a sauce factory and you’ll be loaded because I tell you, I’d buy it.”

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