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The film for anyone who has ever felt like a Bad Mum

Down with perfect parents - this movie is all about mums behaving badly.
Bad Mom Trailer

Bad Mom Trailer

In an age where mums are expected to be more perfect than ever, comes a film that celebrates being the exact opposite – an irresponsible, PTA hating ‘Bad Mom.’

Starring Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell and Kathryn Hahn to name but a few, this film tells the tale of a group of mothers who are fed up of having to live up to expectations.

“I’m so tired of trying to be this perfect mom. I’m done,” cries Kunis’s character Amy, in this latest trailer from the film.

Cue the women forgetting about gluten free cake sales and pristine homework projects, and doing what they actually want to do – get drunk and feed their children pre-packed food. (The Horror!)

But despite the comedy, deep down there is a sentimental message to this film, that goes to show you don’t have to be perfect, dedicate 200% of your time, and know how to bake the perfect cake to love and care for your children.

One for anyone who has ever felt like a bad mother at one time or another!

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