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The Kiwi Facebook page shaming bad parking

If you're a bad parker, you might want to smarten up!
Bad Parking Taranaki

Bad Parking Taranaki

A Facebook page that exposes bad parkers is quickly gathering traction this week, with hundreds of followers liking the shaming page every day.

Bad Parking Taranaki NZ was created in October to highlight cases of particularly poor parking. And while the admin running the page prefers to remain anonymous, many store workers have spoken out about the bad parking they witness every day in car parks,

New World New Plymouth owner Rob Dowman claimed that in larger cities, no one probably turns a blind eye to bad parking habits.

“We’re a good little town and sometimes as a result of that people get more time to notice what other people probably wouldn’t,” he told Stuff.

Take a look at some of the shots from the page below, or view the original page here.

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