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The Bachelor puts a stop to on-screen drama

Jordan Mauger attempted to stop the competitive behaviour.
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The Bachelor NZ was forced to put one of his possible love interests in her place after she overstepped the boundaries on the reality dating show.

Jordan Mauger found himself in the uncomfortable situation when contestant Naz Khanjani pulled him aside to “nark” on her fellow bachelorettes for the second time in just two weeks.

After reciting a list of women who she believed were on the show for fame and fortune, rather than love, the Bachelor was quick to put a stop to her gossiping, telling her “Next time, let’s just make the chat about us”.

The “Persian princess” has already been singled out for her competitive behaviour, including working her way through what she has called a “hit list” of other women vying for Mauger’s heart.

Many viewers have taken to social media to comment on her behaviour, after quickly ear-marking her as this season’s villain.

Despite her outburst, Naz remains in the competition. American-born doctor Lindsay was eliminated in the evening’s rose ceremony following an action-packed group date at a paintball range.

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