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Winner of The Bachelor New Zealand revealed!

Jordan Mauger has made it through his last rose ceremony to pick the winner of The Bachelor 2016.
Jordan Mauger The Bachelor

The Bachelor, Jordan Mauger, has dated, cuddled – and kissed – his way through 23 women, but he has finally chosen the one worthy of his last rose.

In a dramatic and emotional finale, that saw the final two girls spend time with Jordan’s family in Christchurch, one girl was left broken-hearted when The Bachelor was forced to make his decision between them. And it was Fleur that won his heart.

“This has gone beyond anything I’ve ever dreamed of. You make me extremely happy,” Jordan told the youth worker as he slipped a diamond and pink sapphire ring on her finger.

Just moments before, Jordan told a crest-fallen Naz: “Just know how gorgeous you are. It has been an amazing and crazy experience…I have some much adoration for you. You mean a lot to me. Making my decision today has been extremely difficult, now I know I won’t be able to apologise enough.”

Heart-broken by the news, Naz told him that she just wanted him to be happy and “there was not much more she could do,” before telling him that Fleur “was a beautiful girl.”

Fleur was crowned this year’s winner

Fleur and Jordan on a one-on-one date.

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The Bachelor’s time with Naz was far from smooth sailing, in part because of her “hit list” of other contestants she wanted booted off the show.

At one point early on, Jordan found himself in an uncomfortable situation when pulled him aside to “nark” on her fellow bachelorettes twice in just two weeks.

After reciting a list of women who she believed were on the show for fame and fortune, rather than love, the Bachelor was quick to put a stop to her gossiping, telling her “Next time, let’s just make the chat about us”.

The “Persian princess” quickly became this season’s “villain”, but went on to show her softer side as her relationship with Jordan grew.

Naz lost out this year despite her best efforts

Fleur quickly stood out as a favourite to take Jordan’s heart, and while the pair had their ups and downs, theirs seemed like a simple love story from the beginning.

While he stands by his final decision, Jordan revealed the couple haven’t actually seen each other since the finale was filmed, more than a month ago.

Jordan, 32, told the Herald on Sunday while he and Fleur are still together, they have avoided spending time together so the finale wasn’t ruined.

“We haven’t been together face-to-face,” he said.

“There’s been a lot of correspondence between messages and phone calls. I just want to see her at a barbecue with my mates, at my favourite restaurant, in my lifestyle. This is what we’ve been craving since the very beginning.”

Jordan, Naz and Fleur will reunite on screen on Tuesday, along with the 21 other women he dated during the show for live reunion, The Bachelor NZ: Women Tell All. The episode was filmed at the same time as the finale played out on screen.

Prior to starting on his “journey for love” Jordan said he was keen to meet a girl to settle down with.

“I want to meet that somebody. Someone I can be spontaneous with. Someone I can do the chores with, or go to samba dancing or papier-mache classes with – whatever!” he said.

Only time will tell if Fleur is that someone.

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