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Thandie Newton: I hardly talk to my husband

‘Crash’ beauty Thandie Newton has revealed that she speaks to her personal assistant more than her husband. The actress – who has been married to producer ol Parker for 11 years – admits, “oy assistant is my right-hand woman. I hate to say it, but we may actually text and speak more than my husband and I!”

The ‘2012’ star and mother-of-two adds that while she can totally rely on her assistant, their relationship is not always a friendly one. Thandie says, “The most embarrassing thing I’ve asked her to do was to deliver some food for me last week on a shoot. I’m currently doing a detox and I feel like such a diva – not only having food delivered to the set but also the fact that it was raw, vegan, had to be eaten within 24 hours… all this crap!”

She continues, “We’re also very rude to each other on text – I called her a lying b*tch the other day! If anybody read a transcript without knowing us, they’d think we were crazed!”

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