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Question time with Erin Conroy

The popular Seven Sharp reporter lets us inside her world of fantasy escapes and beauty tips.

Top of my bucket list is… A trip through South and Central America.

The website I can’t resist checking is… Daily Mail – I know, I know!

My go-to party outfit is… I’m tall and I’ve finally found a jumpsuit that DOESN’T result in, ahem, camel-toe. It’s a miracle!

My day-to-day outfit consists of… We dress appropriately for each story we do, so that can range from red carpet frocks to wetsuits.

My ultimate dinner party guest would be… Alan Davies. You might have seen him on QI? I want him to be my friend.

Advice to my younger self… sun spots are real.

In my handbag… umbrella, lots of pens, reporter pad, makeup and every cord invented to charge an iPhone. Bosses don’t accept the flat battery excuse around these parts.

My hidden talent… selecting the perfect glasses frames for people.

The best thing not yet invented… the Thought Transcriber. Normally, just as I’m about to drift off, I come up with the perfect script line or story idea and so often it’s gone by morning.

I feel content when… friends, family and antipasto platters are present.

The song that always makes me dance is… Salt’N’Pepa, Push It… ‘P-push it real good!’

The best thing about the colder weather is… slippers.

My one desert island luxury… cheese.

My most cringeworthy moment… my first live-cross on the news and I made up a word.

If I were a billionaire I’d… give it some thought while on my bucket list trip to South and Central America.

Most of my time is taken up by… meeting all kinds of people, many doing some extraordinary things, in every pocket of New Zealand.

My mum is just the best because… simply because she is the best.

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