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Patrick Swayze

Lisa Niemi says she still feels like she’s been set on fire six months after the death of husband Patrick Swayze. The 53-year-old admits she’s still coming to terms with the cancer tragedy, saying, “I have a myriad of feelings. Some are extreme; some are a general malaise. Sometimes it’s like someone has poured gasoline on me and set me on fire. I just have to have faith that one day it will turn around.”

Despite her sorrow, Lisa, who was married to Patrick for an incredible 34 years, hopes she will find love again one day. “It’s hard to imagine but I hope at some point. I hope I’m not one of those widows who never has another relationship. This thing has tested my faith and belief. I’ve learnt that life isn’t fair.”

Lisa may even go so far as to adopt, as Patrick and her never had any kids together. “I’ve always wanted children, but I’m not making any major decisions for quite a while,” she says.

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