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Mel makes her mark

The X Factor judge is refusing to apologise for her decisions.
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Melanie Blatt is not known for following the rules.

Loud, opinionated and fearlessly stubborn, The X Factor New Zealand judge and former All Saint has never cared what people think of her.

So it’s no surprise that she’s sticking by her decision from last week’s elimination show, where she refused to choose between two of her acts,

L.O.V.E and Moorhouse, despite copping a fair amount of criticism on social media.

“I got some flack on Twitter and that, as I always do for whatever reason, and I’m not one that really cares,” she says with a laugh.

No-one can question Mel’s emotional connection with X Factor contestants. PhotoTwitter

“Other judges on X Factor have made that call before, and even if I was the first, I still would have done it. They can’t make me choose between my groups.”

The Never Ever singer likens her acts to her children, and says it almost felt like being in the film Sophie’s Choice when she was put on the spot and told she had to pick one of her acts to send home.

“They’re all my babies!” she says.

“I have to admit, I was quite upset. My groups weren’t the worst of the night – they shouldn’t have been there. I wallowed for a few hours on Tuesday morning, but you know, you have to get over it, get back up and sort it out.”

Mel only has a few months left in New Zealand. She is scheduled to return to Ibiza with her daughter Lilyella in August, where Mel works as a DJ.

But she says it’s going to be harder to leave than she thought, after a jam-packed few months travelling up and down New Zealand with Lilyella and her sister Jasmine.

“I really love it here,” she says. “I didn’t know what to expect before I came down, but I’ve been really blown away by the messages I get from Kiwis all the time.”

But Mel does admit to a little homesickness when she looks at Facebook.

“It’s summer there [in the UK] now, and friends are putting up pictures of themselves by the pool and having a wicked time.

“But I really haven’t missed it as much as I thought. I’ve felt so welcome here!”

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