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Married At First Sight’s Jono’s worst tantrum yet

Last night saw Jono move in with Clare and, as predicted, it did not go well.
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Jono Pitman didn’t last long when he moved in with Married At First Sight “wife” Clare Verrall, storming out of their home after Clare accused him of cheating and “daily tantrums”.

The pair, for whom it wasn’t exactly love at first sight, found some common ground on their Northern Territory “honeymoon” but it all went pear-shaped when Jono moved in to Clare’s Melbourne home.

After a relatively peaceful first night, the bickering began, with Clare chiding Jono about his daily tantrums.

“The way Jono reacts when he is frustrated is ridiculous … I think Jono lacks a little bit of understanding around his moods and temper and the fact that he gets hangry,” she said.

Clare suggested Jono use calm breathing to control his temper, a tip that didn’t exactly go down well with the grumpy groom.

“Sometimes I don’t feel like doing breathing exercises … she means really well by it but I don’t really like being told what to do, never have, I don’t think I ever will,” he said.

He stormed out but came back and the pair went out to a wine bar to smooth things over, which of course just made them worse.

“Initially we started off just chatting and happy and everything but again, very quickly, spiralled down into this very negative conversation,” Clare said.

Jono started raving about the importance of getting to the gym, which Clare took to mean that he was chatting up gym employees.

“I’m going to go to the bathroom but you have fun with your receptionist,” Clare said as she stormed out.

It has since been revealed that Jono was indeed messaging another woman while the show was filming. This other woman is now believed to be his girlfriend.

At the end of the episode, Jono moved out of Clare’s home after yet another argument which left Clare in tears and Jono questioning the longevity of their romance.

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