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Married At First Sight’s Clare shares her battle with PTSD

Clare Verrall says she still feels the physical affects of being attacked last year.
Married at First Sight's Clare shares her battle with PTSD

Married at First Sight’s Clare Verrall has opened up about her struggles with body image brought on by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

The 32-year-old uploaded a picture of herself on Instagram and a fan commented on it saying she appeared to have lost weight.

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However, the reality star revealed the picture is in fact old and that she’s currently “the heaviest I’ve ever been”.

“Post filming me [sic] [PTSD came back full force](http://www.womensweekly.co.nz/latest/entertainment/married-at-first-sight-doomed-to-fail-19008), my thyroid tanked out & I had to be put on some yucky meds so I’m the heaviest I have ever been,” she continued.

“Good news is once my wrist is better and I can start training again then I’ll be back on track. Weight is just a number though. People may treat you differently, but you are the same human inside,” she concluded.

Clare broke her wrist during a fall, after filming had finished.

In the comments section, she went on to explain her health issues.

The photo Clare posted on Instagram.

“I have hypothyroidism, so if I’m not training 6 days a week and 100% on point with my diet and can literally gain 8kgs in a weekend. It’s basically a crap superpower,” she explained.

Clare developed PTSD after she was attacked while walking her dog in Melbourne last year. She fought off her attacker, but not before he grabbed her, pinned her against the wall and punched her in the face, breaking her nose.

“I still have a little PTSD from that, so having people having scream at me still makes me incredibly anxious,” she said at the time.

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