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Married at First Sight star slams show’s Kiwi love expert

Clare Verrall has dished the dirt on the reality television show.
Married at First Sight's Clare shares her battle with PTSD

One Married At First Sight star has launched a scathing attack on the show that made her a household name, calling it an “absolute sh*tshow from start to finish”.

Clare Verrall took to Twitter during the finale of the latest season and dished the dirt on the Australian reality show.

The 32-year-old, who appeared on New Zealand screens earlier this year in an ill-fated marriage to Jono Pitman, called for the show’s experts, including Kiwi relationship expert Dr John Aitken, to be dumped because the matches couldn’t “be any worse than this season”.

Clare also implied she had next to no contact with the three relationship experts that are charged with pairing the couples, including Aitken.


The outspoken star implied she was out of her contract with the series, and was more than happy to share her insights on what really goes on behind the scenes. She called the show “manufactured drama” and called anyone considering applying for the show “insane”.


Clare, who’s on-screen marriage to Jono famously ended before the show stopped filming after a series of heated rows, previously spoke out about how much the show cost her financially.

“No you don’t get paid a wage, you get a $110 per week but they don’t contribute to your rent for the house they are filming in or the dates they want you to go on,” she wrote.

“I work in sales and it had a big impact on my work as you can’t just ‘go to work normally’ as they claim. Doing the show probably cost me thousands in lost revenue. That’s why whenever someone writes ‘they just do it for the money’ I have a good laugh!”

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