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Courteney Cox, counsellor

Friends star Courteney Cox could well have a new career in marriage counselling. After seeing Jennifer Aniston through her split from Brad Pitt, she is now consoling her other former co-star Matthew Perry through his split with girlfriend of two years Rachel Dunn. “Courteney and David are a great pair, and they are more than happy to help lift the spirits of any of their pals – and Matthew is certainly one of them,” a source says. “Matthew hasn’t had the easiest adjustment since Friends went off the air, and he’s been down in the dumps as far as his love life. He told Courteney now that he’s 35, he wonders if it’s ever going to happen for him.” The insider adds: “Courteney and David kind of lead by example. Matthew told me he likes to hang out with them just to see that true

love can happen and people can find each other and be happy, like they have.”

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