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Brady Bunch star Barry Williams in bitter split

He found fame on the sickly sweet cult series ‘The Brady Bunch’, but actor Barry Williams, who played eldest brother Greg, has found his life is more like a dramatic daytime soap opera after his split from girlfriend Elizabeth Kennedy.

Barry (55) had to take out a restraining order against Liz (30) after she lost a beauty pageant and then threatened to kill him – and herself – with a knife. In the end, she only knocked the glasses off his face and attempted to kick him, but Barry also claims she stole his credit card and ran up debts of $50,000.

Liz, a former employee of the ’70s star, denies all these allegations and has filed her own court papers, asking for palimony (a financial settlement between an unmarried couple) and claiming unfair dismissal. She claims Greg – er, we mean Barry – “wined, dined, and seduced” her during their “employment relationship” and then fired her after pushing the “untrue excuse” that she overcharged his credit card.

Liz says, “I’m stunned by the suggestion that a man the size of Barry would need a restraining order to prevent being slapped by a woman of my size… I believe the more likely explanation is Barry is being vindictive because of a financial dispute between us.”

Friends of Barry say that the actor is devastated by the turn of events, with one pal reporting, “He feels completely betrayed by a woman he did everything for. It hurts to find out that someone you’re living with did this to you.”

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