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BOOK REVIEW: Luckiest girl alive

A writer for a top New York magazine, has a dark secret. Ani FaNelli persona is splintering those around her.
Luckiest girl alive by Jessica Knoll

Beautiful, accomplished Ani FaNelli hides a grubby secret. A writer for a top New York magazine, she’s a picture of refinement and taste, but Ani’s carefully crafted persona is her way of escaping a violent past.

A documentary about shocking events at her high school draws her back into a situation she’s worked hard to put behind her, and her wealthy fiancé Luke is none too pleased to see her facade splintering. But Ani is determined to follow through with the doco and show how far she’s come, even if it means risking her relationship.

A deliciously dark and salty tale.

Words by Eleanor Black

Photos by Thinkstock Images and Supplied

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