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Anne Hathaway to adopt

‘Alice in Wonderland’ actress Anne Hathaway is so happy in her relationship with actor Adam Schulman that she has decided to take the plunge and adopt… a puppy!

The couple was spotted browsing the dogs at an animal-rescue centre in Hollywood and a spy tell us they seemed quite taken by a terrier named Chuck. “oost of the conversation was about Chuck and whether he’s good with other dogs, house-trained, mellow and things like that,” says our source. Anne then proceeded to take down all of Chuck’s information before heading home to think it through.

The star already has a gorgeous chocolate Labrador called Esmeralda, whom she credits for helping her land the part of Jane Austen in ‘Becoming Jane’. The dog was sick the night before Anne’s audition so, the actress says, “I slept maybe an hour. When I arrived at the interview, I was tired and wasn’t in a very good mood. I guess [director] Julian Jarrold realised I wasn’t the bright, happy, smiley, untroubled girl from ‘The Princess Diaries’. He offered me the role after that.”

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