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Accidentally inappropriate children’s drawings

These kids really do have active imaginations.
Accidentally inappropriate children’s drawings

Kids draw the darndest things.

Phallic shapes, awkward typos and animals in lewd positions: We’ve scoured the internet to find the most giggle-worthy children’s drawings ever.

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Little girl’s giraffe drawing is accidentally inappropriate

It was supposed to be the letter “u”.

“I love the beach”

Awww… so sweet.

Learning that people with big butts deserve love too.

We’re not sure you want to be acing your “meth” studies.

Is he?

Forget the conductor, thank you kid for the LOLs!

This is why the teacher wanted to speak to dad.

Typo. Oops.

Did your child draw this?

It’s a lighthouse – obviously!

The mystery is they nailed the spelling of “scissors” yet drew this.

A child’s picture of their mother.

The teacher must have been high beaming on this kid’s first day of school. It can be a sign of a bright future we guess.

Valerie is the beloved babysitter.

Stella had a fight with daddy. Is making plans on how to avoid fights with him in the future.

Just a couple of bunnies, waiting for a mate.

At least Nathan is honest.

Ryleigh is going to grow up to be the person who leaves anonymous notes in the communal office kitchen about the dishes in the sink.

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